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Nonviolent Communication

Fri, July 8, 2011 (9 years ago)

At Parshada in Sector 18, L’aura Joy, a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, will give lessons on how to communicate in a nonviolent manner.

Workshops designed for adults help them communicate better.

“It’s meant only for adults. That too, those who think and are willing to explore, learn and see life from a fresh angle,” says 38-year-old photographer Sameer Khanna, who will be conducting a week-long workshop titled ‘Emotion in Motion’ that will teach participants how to express emotions and thoughts. “The aim of the workshop is to help people explore new relationships. We talk about everything and there are no expectations,” says Khanna, as he dresses his studio in Sector 7 for the workshop scheduled later this month. The trainer who participated in a workshop in Dharamshala, conducted by a yoga teacher from Canada, has a satisfied customer in Sunaina Dev, a music teacher, who describes the experience as cathartic. “It was Mother’s Day and he told us to draw a card for our mother after an intense pranayam session and chanting. I lost my mom a year back and it was simply amazing to reach out to her,” recalls Dev.

The rather hectic lifestyle and need to communicate better has led to innumerable initiatives and workshops for adults. Conducted by specialists, the options range from workshops specialising in life skills enhancement to emotional and non-violent communication and parenting. At the end of this month, for instance, Auroville-based polarity therapist and counselling psychologist, Mikael Spector will impart lessons at Coveda in Sector 8. Associated with Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Chandigarh Spector will provide polarity therapy, healing sessions and conduct a ‘Glorious Body Workshop’ — that includes meditation and body and dance lessons that promise to “release energy blocks, open energy fields and balance energy currents”. “It is an amazing process of harmonising the body and mind through ayurveda,” explains Kultar Nat of Coveda, adding that the fee ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 3,000, depending on the number of days.

Few miles away from Coveda, at Parshada in Sector 18, L’aura Joy, a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, will give lessons on how to communicate in a non-violent manner. To be held July 19 onwards, the workshop will combine different activities like role-play, exercises and individual assignments. “We learn how to receive the beauty of the message being shared by others when we develop inner clarity and ability to express emotions without making judgments,” says Moon Star of Parshada.

Meanwhile, bridging the gap between children and parents and working on the communication between them is the ‘learnshop’ titled ‘Sharing Ideas for working with children’, at Centre for Education and VoluntaryAction(CEVA). Conceptualised by Harleen Kohli of CEVA, the workshop includes discussions where parents share their concerns and also features activities like painting, drama and puzzle-solving. “I got many answers on how to deal with my six-year-old daughter by simply connecting with other parents,” says Neena Kohli.

Written by Parul Bajaj

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"In dealing with the criminal, the most advanced societies are no longer altogether satisfied with regarding him as a law-breaker to be punished, imprisoned, terrified, hanged or else tortured physically and morally, whether as a revenge for his revolt or as an example to others; there is a growing attempt to understand him, to make allowance for his heredity, environment and inner deficiencies and to change him from within rather than crush him from without."
~ Sri Aurobindo