What does NVC mean to you…?

Tue, April 17, 2012 (7 years ago)

Workshop participants’ brainstorming responses to “What does NVC mean to you…?”

  • deeper understanding and connection before the trigger even arises
  • is it too mental, analyzed?
  • self-behaviour has to change first
  • provides ability to embrace other people’s judgements and not take personally
  • listen and understand self and others
  • balance
  • not about communication
  • I stop reacting (vicious circle)
  • clear, simple way to be present, not judge, feel myself
  • treating my child with respect, as a human being
  • spiritual practice: practical practice to live a higher consciousness
  • presence, so that I can identify my feelings and not project them on others
  • vulnerability
  • integrating into my everyday environment
  • embracing what is
  • breathing before talking
  • true intentions, transparency, authenticity
  • patience with myself
  • putting (e)motions in positive change
  • being aware (getting rid) of labels
  • mindful communication
  • letting go of judgements

Some Inspiration...

"In dealing with the criminal, the most advanced societies are no longer altogether satisfied with regarding him as a law-breaker to be punished, imprisoned, terrified, hanged or else tortured physically and morally, whether as a revenge for his revolt or as an example to others; there is a growing attempt to understand him, to make allowance for his heredity, environment and inner deficiencies and to change him from within rather than crush him from without."
~ Sri Aurobindo