What does NVC mean to you…?

Tue, April 17, 2012 (8 years ago)

Workshop participants’ brainstorming responses to “What does NVC mean to you…?”

  • deeper understanding and connection before the trigger even arises
  • is it too mental, analyzed?
  • self-behaviour has to change first
  • provides ability to embrace other people’s judgements and not take personally
  • listen and understand self and others
  • balance
  • not about communication
  • I stop reacting (vicious circle)
  • clear, simple way to be present, not judge, feel myself
  • treating my child with respect, as a human being
  • spiritual practice: practical practice to live a higher consciousness
  • presence, so that I can identify my feelings and not project them on others
  • vulnerability
  • integrating into my everyday environment
  • embracing what is
  • breathing before talking
  • true intentions, transparency, authenticity
  • patience with myself
  • putting (e)motions in positive change
  • being aware (getting rid) of labels
  • mindful communication
  • letting go of judgements

Some Inspiration...

"As long as you are for some and against others, you are necessarily outside the Truth. You should constantly keep goodwill and love in your heart and let them pour on all with tranquillity and equality."
~ The Mother