Fri, April 8, 2011 (8 years ago)

Haha, I often say “Sorry is bullshit,” but now I’m gonna say “Taboo is bullshit!”…

This also explains so much for me – why I’m so uncomfortable in so many conversation circles. I find that so many conversations are just arguments, each person trying to prove his/her point and in doing so, putting the other opinions down. I totally lose self-connection, because my jackals start howling about how ridiculous these conversations are. And so of course I can’t connect to the beautiful feelings and needs people are expressing behind their opinions either.

But hey… Last night I did it! As I was snuggling with Kiki, I heard something about the relationship between cats and humans and that it was like prostitution – the cat only receiving (or giving) love and snuggles in return for food… Oh boy, my normal reaction would like be like “Oh my gosh, you’re so ridiculous…” But instead, I tried to connect, “So is that you’d like to see balance and respect in our relationships…?” (I can’t even remember what it was that I said, but anyway the words are of no consequence – it was about the intention to connect and understand his inner world a bit better, without judging it from my perspective… COOL!


Some Inspiration...

"If we touch fire, it burns, but there is no principle of punishment in this relation of cause and effect, it is a lesson of relation and a lesson of experience; so in all Nature's dealings with us there is a relation of things and there is a corresponding lesson of experience."
~ Sri Aurobindo