emergency honesty!


Thu, February 4, 2010 (11 years ago)

i’s an f…ing passive! wanna hear? if so, read ahead!

i’s an f…ing passive! wanna hear? if so, read ahead!

i was on the road today, driving my motorbike to pondy (town). while still in auroville (my village), i saw a tourist/foreign woman coming the other way, on her scooter. oh boy, her left boob just about falling out of her top! i had some thought like “oh my gosh, woman!” then, after a few seconds, i thought, “shit, i should go back and say something! but what am i gonna say? ‘um, excuse me, i’m sorry, i really want you to have your freedom and all, but your sticking-out-boob is just not appropriate here.’ and instead my jackals are going: “you idiot, you think this is goa? you think this is some white hippie resort? no! it’s not! we’re in the middle of rural india and that’s just not okay! can’t you see? don’t you realize?!”

oops…! um, translation…!

what’s behind all that? i guess i’m wanting respect and safety, and awareness and cultural sensitivity! i wondered how auroville could make it any more clear to tourists that dress-code is a big issue here. we have tons of notices up about women’s safety and stuff. and there’s a general belief that other women pay for some women’s lack of clothing…

but i was way too chicken to turn around a say something. i had no idea how i would have approached her. i had all kinds of reasons why i shouldn’t… “have to go to pondy and finish up stuff for the rishikesh convention; am gonna be late for my appointment with the graphic designer; i can’t just stop her on the road like that; she’s not gonna receive my message the way i’d like; blah blah blah…!”

but… i wasn’t happy not doing anything either! i switched wrists… SHIT!

i’m smiling – hope you are too!

love, L’aura


Some Inspiration...

"In dealing with the criminal, the most advanced societies are no longer altogether satisfied with regarding him as a law-breaker to be punished, imprisoned, terrified, hanged or else tortured physically and morally, whether as a revenge for his revolt or as an example to others; there is a growing attempt to understand him, to make allowance for his heredity, environment and inner deficiencies and to change him from within rather than crush him from without."
~ Sri Aurobindo