Fabulous job of facilitating a group of facilitators! You lived the values and principles!!
– Sonali, 2018


Laura not just presented the concepts but lived the principles behind them in her interactions with the participants.
– Veena, 2018


It was a unique way to show us how we don’t know how to listen to each other. I feel so blessed that we have Restorative Circles in Auroville. May it spread more and more and become natural for all of us to bridge connections and not cathedrals.
– Michelle, 2016


I really understood the value of deep listening. It acutely pointed out a lot of clarity in my personal life. Thanks for the bottom of my heart!
– Vinodhini, 2016


L’aura’s knowledge in the field of Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles is outstanding. She has a great ability to teach and guide groups through a process of deep listening and understanding. Personally, I experienced her as an excellent teacher, and I appreciate her impartial input and help during times of conflict.
– Sandyra, 2015


L’aura, you are truly a beautiful gift. Experiencing you and being in your presence is like glimpsing something magical. What touches me is how real you are, and it gives me reassurance that being real with others is possible.
– Vinali, 2015


I have found this NVC Leadership Program very valuable to me as human being and as a facilitator. The process is simple, yet deep and profound.
– Vinod, 2014


Thank you, L’aura, again and again for all the energy that you invested in this workshop. It was very helpful for me and clarifying. Keep your authenticity and genuineness!
– Claudia, 2013


Thank you for the beautiful work with NVC. It was both great fun and deeply reflective. I feel inspired and motivated to work more with it.
– Melanie, 2012


Amazing how simple these NVC principles are to understand, but not so easy to put into action and to practice. It was fabulous to observe how easily you wield this tool, L’aura.
– Raj, 2011


I find that L’aura has extensive knowledge of NVC and knows how to transfer her knowledge in a clear and structured way. I sense, in the way she facilitates her NVC workshops, that she has a lot of practical experience with NVC, and I am impressed by the confident, inspiring and passionate way she shares those skills with me and other participants. Apart from being a great NVC teacher, she also walks her talk and for her NVC is a way of Being, a way of Living. Thanks to her input, I have been able to deepen my self-understanding and understanding of others, and I’ve improved my handling of conflicts between me and others, and my mediation skills in conflicts among others.
– Yuval, 2010


L’aura, I just wanted to say a very big thank you! I wasn’t able to do it earlier, as so many fears were rising up and so much emotional insecurity. I find NVC an amazing tool to handle whatever issues within, and you are a fantastic guide to that new world of an infinite consciousness.
– Anna, 2010


It was a very deep and strong experience for me. I was very satisfied. I did not think that NVC could also help for very personal problems that apparently have nothing to do with “communication,” but by letting my different parts talk among themselves, things get resolved.
– Barbara, 2010


Sometimes words are not enough. In has been so rich, so colourful, at times intense, at other’s feather-light. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for your generosity, and for being accompanied on this journey by such an inspiring and loving being.
– Lea, 2009


Thank you, L’aura, for this training and your amazing giraffe abilities. You helped me get a lot of clarity, support and understanding, as well as acceptance and empathy in times when I was struggling a lot with myself.
– Jeff, 2008

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