The Restorative Justice movement has been gaining more and more attention around the world as a credible and powerful response to conflict. And in our own little way, we are working towards building an alternative justice system in Auroville based on the principles that underlie NVC-consciousness.

Our project, Restorative Auroville, aims to bring the practice of Restorative Circles, a holistic, community-based form of conflict resolution, to Auroville, and to explore what a consciously designed justice system could look like here – one that reflects our ideals, but that is also effective and has the power to bring about constructive change, both on the individual and community levels.

"The Power of Dialogue" Video Series

3.2 Designing our Justice System Consciously
L'aura shares about her experience of engaging with Restorative Circles in Auroville and the importance of designing a justice system consciously, otherwise we'll just inherit the old ways.

4.2 The Value of RC Facilitation
Pranjal reflects on his learning journey with RC facilitation, and appreciates how the skills he has acquired here can provide for a strong foundation in holding space in different contexts.

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