Our NVC community in India is a thriving one!

It’s incredible to see how we’ve grown and touched so many hundreds of people over the past several years.

Marshall Rosenberg first came to India in 2004, and offered an International Intensive Training (IIT) in Bangalore, and then another one in Pune in 2006.

And then we’ve had annual International NVC Conventions since 2010, plus so many other events with trainers from all over the world.

We have four CNVC Certified Trainers:

  • L’aura Joy
  • Ranjitha Jeurkar
  • Stefan Gebert
  • Sudha Shankar

and many more Certification Candidates preparing themselves to become Trainers.

To know more about what’s happening in India, check out www.nvc-india.org or join our Facebook Group.

NVC India – an old fundraiser…

"This world is what we have made of it. If it is ruthless today it is because we have made it ruthless by our attitudes. If we change ourselves we can change the world, and changing ourselves begins with changing our language and methods of communication. I highly recommend reading this book and applying the Nonviolent Communication process it teaches. It is a significant first step toward changing our communication and creating a compassionate world."
~ Arun Gandhi

Supergirls: L'aura, Sudha & Ranjitha