We facilitate meetings and hold space based primarily on the principles of Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles. In addition, we use practices from Sociocracy (shared-power governance) and Internal Family Systems (learning to recognize our inner parts and their messages), both of which offer powerful modalities for group and inner work.


Are you seeking support to dialogue with a friend, colleague or family member? If so, you might consider asking for a mediation or facilitated conversation, where we hold space for both parties to express themselves and to hear the other, and where we end with mutually beneficial agreements that support forward movement. 


Is your team struggling with internal dynamics, such that it's getting in the way of being able to fulfil your group's purpose? Would you like support to reconnect to your project's vision and to clarify next steps as a team? 


Are you struggling with internal challenges? Would you like support to work through the stress or confusion, and to gain more self-understanding? If so, a coaching session may offer you the space to reconnect with yourself, and to make choices that feel more in alignment with your present needs. 


Are you impacted by an issue that involves several people from different parts of your community or network? You could initiate a Restorative Circle, which is a process designed to hold space for conflict within the context of community. 

Surya On Her Experience...

A Participant Shares...

“I contacted L’aura to hold a safe space for truth. I was moved by her ability to catch our hidden needs, by the way she connected us to our true, vulnerable and honest expression, and the beauty of our needs and intention. She has the NVC gift, the gift of unveiling our real essence: translating our wounded expression into its true message of care, love and peace, for ourselves and for others!”
~ Michelle, 2015

A Participant Shares...

"The training was very insightful. It helped us to bond as a group, to understand the issues we face working as a team, and how we can use NVC to resolve our issues. L'aura has a way of creating an environment where we feel very comfortable to share, to look within ourselves and participate from the heart.
~ Kesang, 2010