Connection as Life Energy – NVC Level 1 (Auroville)

Sat, March 28 - Sun, March 29, 2020
9.30am - 5pm

The workshop balances theory and practice. We'll develop an understanding of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and learn to embody these principles in our lives, moment-to-moment.

Ideal for participants at beginner level (no prior training in NVC), but also suitable for those at intermediate level (5-10 days of NVC training) who are wanting to deepen their NVC.

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers a key to shifting paradigms from that of separation and right/wrong thinking to one of genuine collaboration and increased trust, safety and taking responsibility for one’s choices. Whereas our usual mode of expressing ourselves and hearing others can include judgements, right/wrong thinking, and imposing or giving up our power, all of which alienate us from others, NVC helps us to transform our habitual thinking and to put our focus instead on the feelings and needs that are alive in any given situation. We are invited to take responsibility for what we are experiencing, and NVC provides a clear framework within which to hear what is essential in someone’s message. As we move towards a respectful dialogue, the quality of connection transforms potential challenges into situations of clarity and good-will, bringing out win-win solutions for all, and thereby increasing our chances of living and acting in alignment with our deeper values.


  • Clarifying our intention
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
  • Habitual vs. natural language
  • Observations, feelings and needs
  • Empowering requests
  • Developing clarity in communication
  • Translating life-alienating communication to connection
  • 4 ways of receiving a message
  • Empathy: definition and practice
  • Entering the win-win dialogue


  • Gain confidence, and develop the ability to hear someone’s true message
  • Deepen the ability to stay present and centered in difficult conversations
  • Learn to listen with understanding and compassion
  • Develop a greater ability to create win-win outcomes
  • Learn to live and work within a partnership paradigm

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